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5) Survation Qualitative Research - we often look for members of the public to participate in online focus groups, in person groups, and large deliberative events, these are compensated depending on type - if that is interesting to you, join this list and we might be in touch if your profile is one we'd like to hear from.

Panel, YouTube and Facebook 

6) - Survation's online paid opinion panel. We're interested in all types of people - you might be member of the public generally, a member of as political party, a trade union, an elected Councillor or MP, work in any profession or none that we're interested in researching - nurses, teachers, at home with childcare responsibilities, care workers, students, ex patriots, EU Citizens in the UK, BAME, faith group and so on - Join our panel if that's of interest. 

7) Youtube - We also have a new YouTube Channel where we kicked off creating short graphical run throughs of recent polling - our "Next Leader of the Conservative Party?" is popular, along with TV programmes we have helped to produce or structure or audience balance. The biggest "hit" being 260K views for the original version of "The Big Brexit Debate: What does the UK really think? - Survation + Prof. Chris Hanretty + Sir. John Curtice for Renagade/Channel 4 presented by Krishnan Guru Murthy with guests Barry Gardiner, Caroline Lucas, Nigel Farage, David Gaulke, Nina Schick, and Sir John Curtice. If you like the content, please like, subscribe and share with your network of friends of colleagues,

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